2001-2004 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, U.S.A.
- M.F.A. Studio Arts
- Graduate Certificate in Art History (U.S.A. qualification in teaching art history, university level)
- Teaching Practicum

1993 –1998 Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Dundee, U.K.
- B.A. Hons Drawing and Painting

Solo Exhibitions
2004 Urban Legends Vergette Gallery Carbondale, U.S.A.
Forever-free The Stray Show, Presented by the collective Garden Fresh Chicago
Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition R.S.A. One of 5 featured artists Edinburgh
Degree Show Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Dundee

Solo Public Installations
2007 Terms of Endearments, Nan-Tait Centre Barrow-in-Furness
Terms of Endearments 30 shops / businesses Barrow-in-Furness
2007 First Memorial Bridge Art Fair, with the GardenFresh Gallery London
2007 ForeverFree Turnstile by collective Interval Manchester
2007 Salon Lavoir, Site-specific installation for BXLBravo Brussels
2004 Credit as part of Ménage a Cinq Mad Art Gallery St Louis
Steadfast Soldier As part of Cosmopolitan, Surplus Gallery Carbondale
2004 Credit Campus Police Station Carbondale
2004 The Conductor Elite Autosales Jonesboro U.S.A.
2003 Art release: The Great Wave Public art installation in all the Laundromats in Chicago
2003 Going Down Glove Factory Carbondale
2003 Help Yourself Bugs! Surplus Galley Carbondale
2001 The Dreams of a Romantic Backpacker’s Hostel Edinburgh
2001 Site-specific Installation for Le Weekend Music Festival (invited by Diskono)Stirling
2001 Lost Flower Installation The13th Note Café (invited by Diskono) Glasgow
That was the day… Hinterconti Gallery (invited by Diskono) Hamburg
That was the day… , 12 Artists/1 Month The Changingroom Gallery Stirling
That was the day the balloons flew Site-specific installation Doune, UK
Target Who? Invergeldie Estate Crieff, UK
And then I started to sew Site specific installation, #64 Peddie St, Dundee
Common Site Henderson’s Warehouse Dundee

Group Exhibitions

2009 Travelling Light 53rd Venice Biennale Venice / London
Transition Exeter Castle, presented by Exeter Artspaces Exeter
2009 Overview Elysium Art Space Cardiff
Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition Market Gallery Edinburgh
2008 Monkeys with Car Keys, Bargate Monument Gallery Southampton
ArtGene permanent collection Barrow-in-Furness
Voluntary Action The Changingroom Gallery Stirling
Stick*Stamp*Fly Gasworks London
ARTRADIO Cornerhouse Manchester
Espace Public Site-specific installation for Renovas Brussels
2006 Je vous salis, ma rue with P.T.T.L., Bruxelles Nous Appartient (B.N.A.) Brussels
2005 Artist cards part of Aw’ Jocks Tamson Bairns The Changingroom Gallery Stirling
2005 K-Mart Gallery Ravenstien Brussels
2005 K-Mart Le Boneur Brussels
Kalophilia juried exhibition for critic Arthur C. Danto HQ Gallery Carbondale
Mini-print #7 Vergette Gallery Carbondale
Bridge Magazine Shoebox Series 1R gallery Chicago
2003 Pinned to the Wall Gallery 402 New York
2003 Artboat (satellite show for Art Chicago) Curated by Bridge Magazine Chicago
2003 From the Margin Des Lee Gallery St Louis
2003 Process and Performance Surplus Gallery Carbondale
2003 Chicago Solution Show (Juror: Ed Pashke) Gallery on Lake Chicago
2002 Pulp Muse Gallery Philadelphia
2002 Pulp University of Maryland Maryland
Works II A juried exhibition Surplus Gallery for Hamza Walker
(Renaissance Society)
2002 Exhibition of Visiting Artists Murray State University Kentucky
2002 Mini-print #8 Vergette Gallery Carbondale
Mini-print #7 Vergette Gallery Carbondale
2001 Mini-print #7
Gallery Artspeak Windsor Canada
2001 Works Surplus Gallery juried exhibition for MOMA curator Robert Storr Carbondale
1999 Future Sonic Music Festival (Performance with Diskono) Corn Exchange Manchester
Deep Frieze Site-specific exhibition Quaqortoq Greenland
1997 Static Rapture Cooper Gallery Dundee
Notion 7 Roseangle Gallery Dundee

Exhibitions Juried
2000 Invitational Juror The Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition R.S.A. Edinburgh
1999 Browsing II, Changing Room Gallery Stirling

Exhibitions Curated
2001 Caution Conceived of and co-curated with Stuart McGregor
Changing Room Gallery Stirling
1999 12 artists/1 month Conceived of co-curated with Jackie Sheerer
and Jenny Brownrigg
Changing Room Gallery Stirling
Deep Frieze Conceived and curated. Exhibition of 31 UK artists
around the town of Qaqortoq
Qaqortoq, Greenland

Film screenings – own productions
2009 The Lost Gas Station as part of Bits and Pieces Hyde Park Art Center Chicago
2007 The Lost Gas Station as part of Voluntary Action The Changingroom Gallery Stirling
2007 The Lost Gas Station Argos International Film Festival Brussels
2005 Saints Derives en Tout Genre Film Festival Lavoir Moderne Parisien Paris
2004 The National Plastic Plant Liberation League SPC-TV TV broadcast Illinois
Long Distant LA Freewaves Film Festival Los Angeles
2004 Credit Campus Police Station Carbondale

Film Screenings - collective work
2007 Rue du Laeken by P.T.T.L. Tele Brussels Belgium
Cité Administrative by P.T.T.L.“la soirée des collectifs C.C. Jacques Frank Brussels
2006 Cité Administrative by P.T.T.L. Institut St. Louis, Brussels
Cité Administrative by P.T.T.L. for researchers Group Levier
Université Libre de Bruxelles (U.L.B.) Brussels
Cité Administrative by P.T.T.L. INURA annual conference Bochum, Germany
2006 LKN by P.T.T.L. Bruxelles Nous Appartient (B.N.A.) Brussels
2006 LKN by P.T.T.L. Cinema Nova Brussels
LKN by P.T.T.L. Plein-Open-Air festival various locations Brussels
LKN by P.T.T.L. Festival Wonen Habiter, Camullo Brussels
Cité Administrative by P.T.T.L. Mommen Ateliers Brussels
Cité Administrative by P.T.T.L. I.C.A.
as part of
does picking up a camera make a difference? London

Grants / Residencies

2009 Shortlisted for RSA Residencies for Scotland
2007 Artist in residence
Art Gene Barrow-in-Furness
2007 Scottish Sculpture Workshop Residency Lumsden
2007 Artist in residence
PTTL Brussels
Falkirk and Stirling Visual Artists Awards Scheme Artists Award Falkirk/Stirling
1998 Carnegie Foundation Vocational Scholarship, travel grant.
Dundee University

Bibliography Authored

When Fish Sing,” in Whose Urban Renaissance? An international comparison of urban
policy and its effects. Kate Shaw and Libby Porter, Australia 2007/2008
Song lyrics (co)authored) for ‘La Boutique Aux Chansons
a music event curated by Kosten Kopper, Mais Festival, Brussels, 2005
Bridge Magazine: Review of Art Brussels (authored) 2005
Bridge Magazine: Review of Glasgow International Art Festival (authored), 2005
Co-authored/designed with P.T.T.L. Two artist books as part of the exhibition
Je vous salis, ma rue. Brussels, P.T.T.L, 2006
Authored Urban Legends limited edition artist book, self-published, 2004

Bibliography Reviews

Feature, interview and review, EveningTimes, (Cumbria) 01/12/2007
Exhibition Review, Metro (Manchester) 23/07/2007
Exhibition Review
Je vous salis, ma rue Brussels Belgium
Online review of “
Long Distant” LAFreewaves Film Festival
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Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition Catalogue
(Feature, interview and review) Edinburgh, June 2000
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Duncan McMillan, Scotsman Newspaper, featured artist in the
Degree Show Review, Edinburgh, June 15
th, 1998
Dundee Courier, review and photograph of exhibition Common Site, Dundee 1998